About us

¨We are your trusted partner in Polish-Spanish business and legal relations¨

Our law firm specializes in comprehensive legal services for companies, entrepreneurs, public institutions and individual clients in Spain.
Since 2007 we additionally provide our services to the Iberian Peninsula and Islands (Balearic Islands, Canary Islands).


Our basic strengths include fluency in the Spanish language, perfect understanding of the local mentality, culture and customs and, above all, high qualifications in applicable laws in force in Spain and its individual Autonomous Communities.


Education, professionalism, creativity and rich professional experience allow us to provide effective protection of our clients' interests.


We were one of the first Polish law firms operating in Spain, and we have had the opportunity to represent clients at all levels of local court administration in the field of particular branches of law.


Modern legal solutions, continuous development towards acquiring new experience and deepening legal knowledge enable us to implement projects that require specialist knowledge of market and business conditions.


Through cooperation with affiliated law firms, we conduct our clients' affairs not only in Spain, but also in Poland and many other countries.


Bearing in mind the interests and expectations of our clients, we have become a strong business partner ensuring effective protection of tasks entrusted to us, providing our clients with a sense of security and safety.